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Málaga Arte Urbano Soho - MAUS

Discover the best street art in Málaga. We will explore all street art around Soho Málaga through well-known international artists (Roa, D*Face, Obey or Dal East) and national (Boa Mistura, Andi Rivas, Aintzane Cruceta, Doger) and local artists as Dadi Dreucol or D.Darko. All these works were created during the the MAUS project (Málaga Arte Urbano Soho) on 2013 & 2015.

From Street Art Málaga we have designed a tour through Soho, which will allow you to understand the social, economical and geographical context that allowed the evolution of an area, that was forgotten and abandoned during a lot of years. 

We explain the artworks of the main artists in Soho area, explaining their technique and the meaning. This way you will learn about the “throw-up” technique, the use of brushes for details or identify any work of Obey or Roa, because you will learn about their symbols.

We have a full dossier  (more than 50 pages) with photos and  maps; also, during the Soho tour, we show multimedia material such as videos about the creation of Obey or D*Face murals.

The Soho tour takes around 2 hours, starting at CAC Málaga and the tour ends at Plaza de la Marina.

What is included in the Soho tour?

1) Soho Málaga area map with artists, artworks and location.
2) Lagunillas area map with artists and details to plan a visit to another street art area in the city.
3) Our recommendations of bars and restaurants (list with details + map).

Heritage area.

Soho is an area surrounded by buildings declared to be of cultural interest (BIC), protected by the town hall and the Junta de Andalucía.

Best street art guides in Malaga

We are from Málaga and we know everything that is happening in the urban scene of the city.

Completely descriptive.

Complete description of works, artists and techniques used.

Easy access.

You can reach the meeting point, by bus, subway or train.

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If you´d like to run your own tour, please find below the official map from MAUS Málaga.

SoHo Malaga Street Art Map

soho malaga street art map
Soho Málaga Street Art Map